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The next meeting of the North West Property Owners Association (NWPOA) will take place on Thursday 24th May at 6pm at the Quaker Meeting House, School Lane, Liverpool.

On the agenda will be:

1.Welcome to the NWPOA and RLA by co-chairs Dave Blackman & Louis Anastasiou

2. Update on local/legal issues -Tony McVey President

3. Landlords, Property & Taxation – John Bullock FFA

4. Notice of Possession – Danielle Hughes Associate Solicitor

5. RLA update – Andrew Goodacre, RLA CEO

6. Questions & Answers Session

7. Surgery (one to one)

The last meeting was a great success and we received lots of great feedback from those people who attended.

This meeting is equally important and we will try to cover all those regulatory changes impacting on the PRS now and in the near future – GDPR in May, new HMO regulations in October, etc.

We would really like you to come along and contribute to the discussions, and look forward to seeing you there.