North West Property Owners Association Members’ Benefits

  • Advice – landlord to landlord advice and legal advice
  • News and information regular newsletters covering all local and national issues
  • Representation we regularly represent the private rented sector on local authority forums.  We also meet with other relevant bodies, associated with the business of renting property
  • Landlords’ Insurance –  our buildings insurance is competitively priced and provides comprehensive cover for landlords and their properties
  • Energy Performance Certificates – since October 2008 all properties – homes, commercial and public buildings – when bought, sold, built or rented need an Energy Performance Certificate.For rented property, an EPC must be made available to prospective tenants at the earliest opportunity. This should be when they are first given written information about the property or view it, and before any rental contract is entered into. The certificate records how energy efficient a property is as a building and provides A-G ratings. The rating is based on factors such as age, property layout, construction, heating, lighting, and insulation. The ratings are standard so a tenant can compare the energy efficiency of one home easily with another. An EPC is always accompanied by a recommendation report that lists cost effective and other measures (such as low and zero carbon generating systems) to improve the energy rating. EPCs are valid for 10 years and can be reused as many times as required within that period. It is not necessary to commission a new EPC each time there is a change of tenant. Prices from £50.00 (for Residential properties) for NWPOA members.
    • Literature  –  we can provide most documentation that a landlord might need to run your business, e.g
  • Tenant / Guarantor application form.  
  • Tenancy Agreement. 
  • Section notices. 
  • Guarantor forms.
  • Training  –  we are currently developing further awareness courses for landlords and letting agents
  • Members meetings – we hold regular members meetings where key speakers provide information on a range of relevant subjects.
  • Website – our website provides members with an up to date source of information and news.  Our members can also advertise their properties on a top-rated website for half the price of usual rates

Visit our website at:  or phone:  07802 267 315


Telephone Support

Unlimited one-on-one telephone support

Tax Protection

Free Tax Protection Insurance worth over £100 per year


Representation in Government by the RLA Campaigns Team


Exclusive discounts from insurance and mortgages to tax advice

Deposit Protection

The best deposit protection rates on the market with DepositGuard

Landlord Library

Access to over 130 documents & guides in the RLA landlord library


To join The North West Property Owners Association, you must also join the Residential Landlords Association.  For the same fee, you will get the benefits of being a member of both associations.  The NWPOA is a local organisation whcih operates mainly on Merseyside and which has regular local meetings for members.  We also represent you locally and meet local authorities whenever necessary to deal with any issues or problems which occur at that level. The RLA is a national association which represents landlords throughout the country.  It is very influential in dealing with both national and local issues.